Geology and land-surveying company.

PROFGEOIZYSKANIA performs a full range of soil, topographical and environmental surveys:

Soil survey involves a comprehensive study of geotechnical conditions in the area (site, plot or road) designed for construction, including terrain, geology, geomorphologic and groundwater conditions, composition, condition and properties of the soil, geological and soil processes, changes in condition of developed (built-up) areas, forecast of possible change in soil conditions in terms of interaction of the designed properties with geological environment for the purpose of obtaining the necessary and sufficient materials for design, construction and operation of properties.

Soil surveys make it possible to present feasibility studies for construction of the project in specific area.

PROFGEOIZYSKANIA conducts environmental survey – a comprehensive research of the components of environment (soils, atmospheric air, grounds and surface waters and geophysical fields), industrial, social and economic conditions in the area where the projected property will be located.  The survey obtains information necessary for the environmental feasibility of design documentation.

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